IICRC® Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS)

IICRC® Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS)

Instructor & Dates: TBD

(Prerequisite: IICRC Certification in WRT)

The Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS) course is designed to build upon knowledge gained during the IICRC-WRT certification process. This course is intended for professionals engaged in commercial containment and restoration. It is designed to teach damage inspection and evaluation, work flow management, process administration and technical methods of drying in commercial environments. Course instruction will address commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential structures and contents along with furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE).

The participant is also strongly advised to complete applicable training programs for the participant’s region such as OSHA-10 hour Health and Safety Technician (HST) or Canadian HST training prior to participating in the CDS course as the participant will be required to comply with all applicable local, state or provincial and national safety rules and regulations regarding commercial drying.

Course content will be taken from current ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, scientific, technical and industry resources and other reference media. This course will enable the participant to obtain IICRC-CDS certification

The CDS course is conducted over a 5 day period encompassing 32 hours of actual course instruction with additional time required for exam periods, lunch and meal breaks.

Topics covered include:

  • principles of drying
  • differences between residential and commercial structures project management, project and technical coordination
  • definitions of commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential structures
  • hvac systems, components, mechanics
  • administration
  • documentation and analysis
  • negotiation and communication
  • health and safety
  • re-assessment during the project
  • safety plan
  • hazard control and communication
  • engineering controls
  • project management
  • planning, staging and project set up
  • site considerations
  • calculations, energy, sizing, equipment
  • inspections
  • microbiological considerations
  • commercial construction practices
  • drying complex structures, systems and materials
  • advanced psychrometry & moisture mechanics in materials
  • drying complex structures, systems and materials
  • commercial mechanical systems and air management
  • equipment options
  • climate control
  • air flow and control
  • temporary power generation and distribution
  • case scenarios, including:
    • commercial
    • industrial
    • institutional
    • complex residential

There is a test fee of $65.00, payable directly to IICRC® on the final day of the course, prior to receiving your certificate.

Restoration Academy provides the following;
– Breakfast snacks, coffee and water
– Catered Lunch (we can’t accommodate special dietary needs; we have fridges available if you would need to store a packed lunch)
– We provide a soda vending machine

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Aug 15 2019

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