Rental Equipment


Extreme Supplies

Restoration Academy is teamed with Extreme Supplies. The rental program helps industry professionals big and small have the ability to do jobs they would not normally be able to support due to the lack of equipment on the shelf.   We also rent to individual home or business owners who are looking to tackle a flooded basement or water damage cleanup on their own.

Below is some of the equipment available to rent.

  • LGR Dehumidifiers
  • Axial Air Movers
  • Centrifugal Air Movers
  • HEPA Air Scrubbers
  • Negative Air Machines
  • Power Distribution Equipment
  • Chillers
  • Generators

Bioesque Disinfectant

EPA Registered Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant
 Formulated with Patented Technology
 Bactericidal, Virucidal*, Tuberculocidal, and Fungicidal**
 Disinfect, Sanitize, Clean, and Deodorize in ONE STEP
 Kills, Destroys and Eliminates Household Germs
 Safe for Use on Water Mitigation Projects (Sewage Back Up, Water Damage)
 Effective in Restoration and Remediation
 Multi-Surface Cleaner
 No Rinse Required, even on food contact surfaces
 Kills odor causing bacteria
 Kills bacteria that can cause food poisoning
 Non-Abrasive Formula
 For Everyday Use
 Botanically Derived Active Ingredient
 Free from Chlorine and Phosphates
 No Signal Words or Warnings Needed
 No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Needed
 Cleans and Disinfects without Bleaching
 One-step Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner
 Pleasant Lemongrass Grapefruit Scent
 Effectively Controls Unpleasant Strong Odors

*Virucidal according to the ASTM Standard Test Method for Efficacy of Virucidal Agents
** Fungicidal according to the AOAC Germicidal Spray Method


Air Movers and
Injectidry Wall/Floor
Mat System



…..For Questions, Pricing, and Information on Additional Equipment Available Contact
Bryan 317-452-5232


15274 Herriman BoulevardNoblesvilleIN 46060, USA